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Thread: "US violated Geneva Conventions" - Gen Petraeus

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    Re: "US violated Geneva Conventions" - Gen Petraeus

    Quote Originally Posted by Lerxst View Post
    They have no jurisdiction to try or convict these troops. What are they supposed to do but send them home and forward information of the crimes to the governing nation?
    They are under UN command. If the UN cannot control it's own troops as far as discipline goes, why do we even have them? If we cannot trust the country's sending troops to police themselves, again why do we have them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lerxst View Post
    But we are abandoning our values when we torture and treat our captive inhumanely, regardless of belonging to the U.N. or not. And I agree, we shouldn't send them anymore money.
    You misunderstood or I mis-spoke. I meant no one has said this between us. In other words I am not, and think torture and illegal detainment is wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lerxst View Post
    Based upon the available information, I understand this. I think that Patraeus may have more information than either of us. Maybe he doesn't. I don't know.
    I don't know either, it just smells of political shenanigans to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moot View Post
    Benjii likes the protests...he'd be largely irrelevant without them. So he needs to speak where he knows there will be protests against him and that makes him responsible for the protests.
    Quote Originally Posted by Absentglare View Post
    You can successfully wipe your ass with toilet paper, that doesn't mean that you should.

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    Re: "US violated Geneva Conventions" - Gen Petraeus

    Here's one thing to keep mind. As a career soldier and high commander, Gen Petraeus spoke from his own heart. I'm certain that he truly wanted to say what he did in which he honestly believes in what he said. I have a strong feeling that Gen Petraeus has a fog of war book looming on the not so far away horizon. Public confessions from one's soul helps soothes deeply buried guilt.

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