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Thread: Recession Is Over According to Financial Experts

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    Re: Recession Is Over According to Financial Experts

    Anybody else catch the Madoff segment on PBS last night?
    The financial markets that Bernie swam in is full of other sharks who do nothing but live well on the assets of others....
    We "others" might just shun Wall Street for the next decade or so, at least until government stops the crooks instead of being complicit and sharing the proceeds of the crimes
    The preceeding is from my post in another thread....
    IMO, the recession could very well hit, or impact, Wall street harder than Main Street.
    After most of the country, or world, has recovered, parts of our economies will still be suffering. I don't have the training or crystal ball to determine what parts might still be lagging, but if there isn't considerable change in life as we knew it, I will be very surprised.
    SURELY the public has learned to distrust Wall Street by now.
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