So with all the hysterics we have seen from Hyper Partisan Democrats regarding the "criminal acts" of the Bush Administration, the current Obama Justice Department investigation states the OBVIOUS; no charges will be filed.

But then, as anyone with a brain knows, this was not about an honest investigation for wrong doing, but merely intended for public consumption by impugning Bush and those who worked within his administration for trying to protect US citizens from terrorism.

I don't expect these conclusions will put the rabid hatred being spewed by Liberals and Democrats on this and many other issues however, I am sure will see the same adamant denial as we saw in the 2000 election results and Plame case the continued specious lies and distortions to continue to be spewed for hyper partisan political purposes.

The REALITY is that Obama's naiveté' over how a President conducts himself by announcing that these tactics are torture combined with the selective releasing of memos to support his contentions continues to paint him and his administration into a corner from which it will difficult to extract themselves without political cost.

One thing is certain, BOTH sides are unhappy with his conduct thus far and I expect so much more going into the future with this inexperienced Community Organizer and his Community approach to any issue and problem.

Charges unlikely over interrogation memos
In a draft report, Justice Department investigators are said to recommend against charges for Bush administration lawyers, instead advocating possible state disciplinary action against 2 of them.


The internal affairs unit concluded that Steven G. Bradbury -- one of the lawyers who had worked in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel -- had written at least three memorandums from 2002 to 2007 that, although troubling, did not merit any kind of serious disciplinary action, the sources said.


In November, Mukasey wrote that he was hopeful that once the Obama administration reviewed "the decisions made and the legal advice provided, it will acknowledge that despite any policy differences, the national security lawyers in this administration acted professionally and in good faith and that the country was safer as a result."

Charges unlikely over interrogation memos - Los Angeles Times