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Thread: UK combat operations end in Iraq

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    Thumbs up UK combat operations end in Iraq

    A ceremony has been held in Basra to mark the official end of the six-year British military presence in Iraq.

    UK combat operations ended as 20 Armoured Brigade took part in a flag-lowering ceremony with a US brigade.

    In London, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said a new chapter in relations between the two countries had begun.

    Earlier, a memorial service attended by Defence Secretary John Hutton took place in Basra for the 179 UK personnel who have died during the conflict.

    The focus was a memorial wall featuring the names of the 234 UK and foreign troops and civilians who lost their lives under British command in Iraq.

    BBC NEWS | UK | UK combat operations end in Iraq

    So ...
    When do we start on the investigation on Labour?
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    Re: UK combat operations end in Iraq

    Well I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank the British for committing to and sacrificing on behalf of the Iraqi people. Its one thing to sacrifice in defense of your own, and something greater to sacrifice on someone else behalf. The Iraqi people have a chance at a better future, thanks to the efforts of the British troops.
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