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Thread: Era of conservative rule? Tories set on landslide.

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    Era of conservative rule? Tories set on landslide.

    Tories on course for a landslide, say polls

    We've now had three polls, from two different polling organisations, since last week's budget, and they're all saying much the same thing, which suggests that they are worth taking seriously
    A total of 240 of those surveyed said they had voted for the party that was led by Tony Blair in 2005. Yet over the weekend, when the fieldwork was taking place, only 120 told the pollster they planned to do so next time.

    This is the full split of the 240 Labour 2005 voters:

    120 (half) voting Labour again

    41 (a sixth) voting Conservative

    15 (1 in 16) voting Lib Dem

    7 (more than 1 in 40) voting SNP/PC

    6 (1 in 40) voting Green

    4 (1 in 60) voting BNP

    5 voting for another party

    Remainder "not voting"/"don't know"/"won't say".

    Tories on course for a landslide, say polls | Politics |

    It'll be amusing to say the least watching Labour get a ass kicking but one party majority will be horrible. Any opinions?

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    Re: Era of conservative rule? Tories set on landslide.

    Lets see at the election. The UK conservative party has a tendency to self destruct more than the Labour party. This can switch pretty fast depending on what happens up to the next election. All it takes is someone in the Conservative party to become just as big a hypocrite as some of the Labour party and their whole lead can go bye bye fast. They have done it before.

    Plus the Conservatives have one big problem. They have no real policies yet. Many of those policies that use to hit home, cant be used now because they in part lead to the economic melt down. They cant call for deregulation, privatizing things and stuff like that. They cant call for the private sector to heal it self, as it was the private sector that got us into this mess in the first place. They cant fall back on their typical base of bankers and city people, since they are either broke, going to jail or hated more than the opposition. So yes the Conservatives are on top as it stands now, but that is mostly due to the fact they are not Gordon Brown rather than any political change in UK politics per say.

    But as I said, there is a long way to the election, anything can happen.
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    Re: Era of conservative rule? Tories set on landslide.

    The Tory Party has a history of self destruction.
    Had they had a strong leader it may be possible for it not to self destruct by the next election.
    Unfortunately Cameron is not such a strong leader.
    Had they had Hague as the leader, I feel they would have some sensible policies ready to present in their manifesto in addition to having someone who can gain the trust of the electorate as well as being able to instill some semblance of discipline within the party.
    I have been a lifelong Conservative voter, but with Cameron in charge I do not see myself voting for them on the next occasion.

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