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By Ryan Sabalow
April 24, 2009

Three Redding California teens plotted on Saturday to find a homeless man, beat him and take what little he had because “he was an easy target,” police said today.

And after they beat Timothy Lee Alcorn, 48, so severely that he eventually died from his wounds, they went out and robbed another homeless man on the same day Alcorn’s body was found, Redding Police Sgt. Dean Stainberg said this morning at press conference.

Stainberg described Alcorn’s beating as brutal in its ferocity. The three teens, aged 15, 16 and 18, armed themselves with weapons and plotted how they’d carry out their attack, Stainberg said.

Two of the boys hid, while the third went down to speak with Alcorn in a wooded area behind Masonic Avenue. When Alcorn’s attention was diverted, the other two hit him from behind, Stainberg said.

“The beating was savage,” Stainberg said."


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