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Thread: Research on Lesser-Known Nazi Sites Is Now Public

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    Re: Research on Lesser-Known Nazi Sites Is Now Public

    No, Trotsky was a distraction that YOU brought up.
    I never brought up Trotsky. I stated that I am a Trotskyist to explain my political affiliations, which apparently didn't have any affect on you, as you continue to claim that I "support mass murderers" (yet you have yet to prove it, so it remains ad hominem).

    And if that wasn't your point in providing those quotes, what was?

    You keep trying to limit what I say to things you can easily shoot down (such that it is), but that's not what I was saying.
    I am not limiting anything; I am responding to your specific points. I have not responded to your "generalized" points because they make no sense. I cannot respond to the argument that "the Communist Party is a mass murderer" because you use the term as a monolithic entity which doesn't exist outside of your brain.

    Funny; people have no problems linking the Nazi Parties of . . . well, anywhere.
    That's because, as I've already said, there are not significant political variations of Nazism. Communism contains many different politico-ideological beliefs from anarcho-communism and left-communism to Juche and Stalinism. It makes absolutely no sense to lump all of these different ideologies together. But you wouldn't understand that because you probably don't know anything about communism.

    The fiction is that these Communist groups can't be linked.
    I never said that they can't be linked. I said that they can't be lumped into one category as you have done, which is "idiotic, moronic, and mostly ignorant fodder."

    But I'm interested. What do you think of left-communism? Do you think that left-communists are mass murderers? If so, then where was this mass murder committed? If not, then how can you claim that all communists are mass murderers while claiming that left-communists are not?

    Those parties who call themselves such and subscribe to its ideology, methodology, and symbolism.
    In order to support your assertion that "the Communist Party is the biggest mass murderer in history" you would then have to prove that every single party that fits this definition (they call themselves such, and subscribe to its ideology, methodology and symbolism) have participated in mass murder. We both know you can't do that.

    But let's further qualify this. What is "its ideology, methodology and symbolism"?

    No, I gave it all the same weight and consideration I would give to anyone explaining why the Nazis were actually misunderstood, unjustly-maligned, decent chaps, at least in the early days, and that they only adhere to the "good" aspects of Nazism.
    I've already shown why comparisons of communism with Nazism make no sense. That was another one of our discussions from which you retreated.
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