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Thread: Obama Rules Out Charging C.I.A. Agents in Interrogations

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    Re: Obama Rules Out Charging C.I.A. Agents in Interrogations

    Quote Originally Posted by Devil505 View Post
    My problem with calling this a war is the triggering of Presidential "War Powers" (under our Constitution) which acts to PERMANENTLY confer too much power on the Executive over the Congress with the devestating results we've seen under Bush/Cheney. is what it is, though "devistating" is exaggerated. But under will continue to be considered a "war." The U.S. military will continue to deploy. And Democrats will flip and assume to support death and destruction under "their guy." No matter what it is called or what Congress supports, the mission will remain and the military will deploy.

    Under Clinton, the UN was shoved aside and NATO was employed to conduct military action in Bosnia and Kosovo. Without the approval of insignificant Congressmen and whining politicians, the U.S. military still deployed and the UN called it "illegal." Another example: For twelve years, the U.S. military conducted containment missions with Iraq and was juggled back and forth every time the dictator played his game. For twelve years, America and the UN dictated the comings and goings of a "soveriegn" leader and chose the path of this "soveriegn" nation. But in 2003, politicians complained about Hussein's "soveriegnty" under Bush even though they remained quiet under Clinton throughout the '90s?

    Clinton didn't need Congress to deploy the military in Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, or Iraq. And Bush didn't need it either.
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