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A janitor when asked feels the inclination to say they are a sanitation engineer, Mercenary is a taboo word I guess.
A zealot, by any other name.... I am OLD navy. When in circles of others who have served, you will often run into special forces vets. These are guys with special skills and a different perspective. They are the only ones among us who could handle those," different" circumstances that arise in war and combat, that call for special skills. Blackwater arose out of the need to cover those circumstances, special moments. I can`t even begin to get in touch with what might have prompted the Black Water forces to make such a grievous error. If I were at sea, and pirates were comeing over the horizon, I would want special persons aboard my ship, who had a zealot like fixation for focussing on a problem like the one about to be upon us. Special skills, little understood by the rest of us, which could make all this difference. Black Water didn`t go out to the square that day, with murder as their goal, or mission, any more than the national guardsmen who went to Kent State university in Ohio in 1970. Many of those guardsmen were talking, "hippy" hate stuff on the way to the job site, but I doubt that they had planned on murder? Was there one or two thinking," maybe we could set off a firecracker, and in the confusion...". If they get the LETTER, I think CLEARWATER would be a good name for the company.