This makes me sick to my stomach:

Westchester D.A. assails allegations in $90 million lawsuit filed in slain cop's case

To give a bit of background on the story, last year a Mt. Vernon police officer named Christopher Ridley in plain clothing attempted to stop a mugging. When he saw the mugging occur, he went to his car to grab his firearm and went to help the victim of the mugging out (this is according to recently released video). When a shot was fired, four police officers arrived on the scene (2 spanish, 1 african american, and 1 caucasian) and told Ridley to put down the weapon. According to the officers and numerous witnesses, Ridley did not put the weapon down, and went to pick it up when the Officers fired on him. All four officers were cleared of charges based upon witness testimony.

Now, jump ahead to a year later, and the Ridley family is placing a suit on the county, claiming the officers hid Ridley's badge when he presented it, and the white officer on the seen executed Ridley. To quote the article:

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These purposeful fabrications are flatly refuted by the videotapes that were shown to the grand jury and were reviewed by members of Detective Ridley's family and their lawyer. For Mr. Lovett to exploit Detective Ridley's tragic death in this way, to further some sort of perverse personal agenda, is heartless and beyond all decency.