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Thread: More Americans wary of tax man this year

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    More Americans wary of tax man this year

    Jeez, and I thought the state was one big lovable village.
    Why the fear?
    Look at Geithner, Rangel and Daschle... Don't worry, be happy.
    You've got their premeditated tax cheating in your pocket as a handy defense.
    It's not that you didn't want to dodge paying "your fair share"... like those guys, it's that you don't have the cash.
    Tell the IRS they can do without this year... as they force us to do without every year.
    Or tell them you are a prospective Obama Cabinet member.

    More Americans wary of tax man this year | Reuters
    "We've seen a huge rise in what we call the rookie delinquent taxpayer," he said. "They are incredibly scared,
    "A very innocent procrastination can get you into a lot of hot water with the IRS."
    IRS policies are adding to the fear Americans feel for the traditionally secretive agency while outdated guidelines make the prospect of collection action scary.
    Don't woooorrrrry.
    Obvious Child thinks the IRS should be bigger so it can "help" serve you better.
    3) The IRS actually is too small and underfunded.
    LOL. So compassionate.

    An elderly woman in Austin, Texas, who asked not to be named, said her $3,000 debt to the IRS grew to around $60,000 in taxes and penalties over 16 years despite the fact that she paid off the initial debt within six months.

    The 61-year-old is disabled and suffers from multiple health problems. The IRS now takes $133 each month from her Social Security disability check.
    You like?

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