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Thread: UNC protest gets rowdy

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    Re: UNC protest gets rowdy

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    ECU and App State are technically part of UNC? Really?

    same for some school in Elizabeth City.

    NCCU (North Carolina Central University)
    WCU (Western Carolina University)

    Fayetteville State University

    and a couple in Winston Salem.
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    Re: UNC protest gets rowdy

    Quote Originally Posted by Arch Enemy View Post
    I'm disappointed that the rowdy bunch vandalized UNC property, but this speaker needs to take notes form the infamous "Pit Preacher" who tours UNC System campuses preaching "all gays will go to hell", something about blacks and something about women not being the equivalent of men... he makes a loop and is hated by almost everyone who listens to him.
    When I got accepted to Syracuse I was told about him but I never saw him during my time there although the only time I was on campus was for classes since I lived with my Aunt while attending there.
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