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This is so easy to counter. Especially with democrats in power.

In order to get Democrats to not do something, you have to convince them there will be victims. Particularly "the poor".

Now, all we need to do, is get a petition started by people who have switched to internet phone service via their cable internet provider, or Vanoage, or MagicJack, etc....
If the government shuts off the internet, it will create a whole group of victims who will be without phone service. Most of these people will be the ones who switched to the internet phone services to save money because they aren't rich and powerful. No phone services, means little children die because nobody can call 911 or another emergency service.
Nevermind the foolishness of actually trying to shut down the internet. Suppose they could do it, what would the effect be? If the internet can just be "shut down" without all chicken little catastrophes Big Brother warns us about, then doesn't that make this provision redundant?