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Thread: Black man's killing by police shakes La. town

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    Re: Black man's killing by police shakes La. town

    Quote Originally Posted by TOJ View Post
    How do you foresee this group being formed and to whom would they report?

    How about your everyday Joes and Janes do it and who would they report to? Well the whole town? I did not say I have all the answers but that seems like a start to me.

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    Re: Black man's killing by police shakes La. town

    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    Please post links and evidence that explains your bigotry, thanks
    On Louisiana having some of the lowest standards of education and what I can only guess are some of the least educated people in the country? Here. I'll let government of Louisiana talk for me :

    Press Release - Louisiana Department of Education

    For 2009, Louisiana once again finished 47th in its ranking of student achievement and moved up from a 2008 ranking of 50th to 48th in the category designed to measure a child’s chance for success, including parental education and income. However, the state ranks number two in how it measures education progress and number six in its programs to improve teacher quality.
    But then you see people who aren't from Louisiana but study in Louisiana doing better then the locals :

    This small but growing number of ELL students is performing at a level of math and reading proficiency not seen in many other states. In Louisiana, 60.8 percent of ELL students in 4th and 8th grade are proficient in mathematics. This beats the state average for all learners of 60.1 percent and significantly tops the national average of 43.8 percent.
    # In the chance for success index, which calculates the odds of success for a child in 13 key benchmarks from birth to adulthood, Louisiana’s grade remained the same, D+, but the state did improve its ranking from 50th last year to 48th this year. Scores improved in the early foundations and adult outcomes sections of the chance for success indicator.
    Seriously. This isn't rocket science.
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