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Thread: Somali pirates seize ship; 21 Americans aboard

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    Re: Somali pirates seize ship; 21 Americans aboard

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    LOL typical you. You are caught in being totaly clueless and now you sticking to the typical right wing talking points and refusing to debate the reality of the situation.

    Tell me about maritime law then.

    The ship is Danish pure and simple. The flag of the ship means nothing these days and in fact has not meant anything since the emergency of countries that give "benefits" to ship owners for flying their flag instead of the flag of the owners country. It is all about money.

    American crew, flying the American flag. American ship owned by a danish company.

    get over yourself.
    You should try to remember, ideas are conveyed by researching information, vetting sources, and confirming said information. Not by regurgitating talking points given to you by your "news" station.
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    Re: Somali pirates seize ship; 21 Americans aboard

    What's the detail on how they rid the vermin pirates?
    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    So now, what will the response be. I personally am concerned that Obama will not respond with a firm hand and this will open up more attacks on American ships.

    Obama is at a crossroads here with this one. If we pay the ransom, shame on us, shame on him.

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