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Thread: "We do not consider ourselves a christian nation", says Obama

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    Re: "We do not consider ourselves a christian nation", says Obama

    Quote Originally Posted by EgoffTib View Post
    Ah, yes. Ironic that you, of all people, are pointing the finger at me for bashing. Classic.
    Lol sorry i laughed when i saw you got accused of bashing by American. How very ironic indeed.
    "If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in quite a different world" - Christopher Hitchens
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    Re: "We do not consider ourselves a christian nation", says Obama

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    Again - what Christian values and what part of clearly Christian morality are our laws and society based on? I asked you this already and you failed to provide any answer. Only the same vague responses though. The Founding Fathers are these devoted Christian men who failed to tell people that there is only ONE God? The Christian God? What kind of Christian doesn't tell people that? What kind Christian followers forgets the 10 commandments when writing the basis for a country that is supposedly 'Christian'? I mean we're not talking about little stuff here. We're talking about the Constitution being in direct opposition/contradiction to Christianity or for that matter any religion which claims to establish their God as the only God. I mean this is like the Mullah's in Iran writting the Iranian constitution and then forgetting to tell people that they are an Islamic country that adheres to Islamic principles.
    Remember, I said Christian values, not all Christian values. I believe that there are laws against murder and stealing. Purgery, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    This is what I hate about politics the most, it turns people in snobbish egotistical self righteous dicks who allow their political beliefs, partisan attitudes, and 'us vs. them' mentality, to force them to deny reality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Pride View Post
    You can't paint everone with the same brush.......It does not work tht way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wessexman View Post
    See with you around Captain we don't even have to make arguments, as you already know everything .
    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalThought View Post
    Had you been born elsewhere or at a different time you may very well have chosen a different belief system.
    Quote Originally Posted by ernst barkmann View Post
    It a person has faith they dont need to convince another of it, and when a non believer is not interested in listening to the word of the lord, " you shake the dust from your sandels and move on"

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