California tent city for homeless to be closed | U.S. | Reuters

SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - The mayor of California's state capital unveiled plans on Thursday to shut down a sprawling "tent city" of the homeless that has drawn worldwide media attention as a symbol of U.S. economic decline.


Johnson, who toured the area with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a day earlier, said he hoped to have the ramshackle settlement cleared of tents and debris in the next two to three weeks.

"We want to move as quickly as we can," he told a news conference, insisting the city was determined to treat the tent dwellers with compassion.
To comply with the rules, I'm supposed to put a small paragraph of commentary, except that the only real comments to be made have been deemed to be a 'conspiracy' according to a mod... So, unfortunately you'll have to read it and decide for yourself how placing poor in 'camps' might be a dangerous precedent to set. This does fit in 'breaking news' since this is an ongoing issue that has received daily attention since, and it's importance cannot be over-stated when we the country is in economic turmoil and many of the poorer-middle class are a paycheck away from losing their homes and having to join into these 'tent-cities'

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