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Thread: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

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    Re: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

    Quote Originally Posted by RightinNYC View Post
    The Associated Press: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

    To preempt what I'm sure will be a dozen threads on this topic:


    Those sound insanely minor. So let's have an el oh el and move on.
    If she were the standout among Dear Leader's cabinet picks, I would agree with you.

    It's harder to ignore now, simply because of the ones that came ahead of her--the only reason she's filing amended returns is because of her nomination, just as was the case with Geithner, Daschle, et al. That's not a display of integrity, that's a display of ambition.

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    Re: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

    By now simply assuming whomever he appoints is going to have tax and/or criminal problems is the way to go.

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    Re: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

    Quote Originally Posted by Truth Detector View Post
    Here's my partisan take on the shenanigans of Liberal Democrat Politicians, although I believe Sebelius may be one of the more intelligent Liberals;

    Thank Gawd they are now being nominated for higher office so that they can now come clean and correct all their tax forms. Maybe we should nominate EVERYONE in the Democrat Party for a position in Obama's administration; the additional revenue may balance the Federal Budget!

    The thing that I find fascinating is that these people who appear incapable of getting their taxes correct until they are nominated for higher office, are the ones Americans expect to be SMART enough to save the Planet and the Global economy.

    It is comedic yet tragic that Americans can be some dumb as to vote for Liberal Democrats to further run the Government into bankruptcy.

    I'm sorry, but regardless of political party, if someone cannot even do something as simple as ascertain their taxes have been properly paid and choose NOT to until they are nominated for a higher office, I don't want them involved in Government affairs.
    Partisan or not, there's no need to be sorry. You hit it out of the park with this post.

    Perhaps Obama should put a TurboTax download link on his website.
    Pain can be such a beautiful thing

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