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Thread: Murderer/Rapist allowed to be on parole.

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    Parole delayed for killer

    Here's the story guys.

    Parole delayed for killer - Politics -

    This happened at my college, 20 years ago. This is absurd! He is going to be released, after binding, raping, sodomizing, and manually strangling a pregnant college student. He has only served 21 years in jail. He has served less time in jail than the woman he murdered had lived.

    I have already called the Governors office, and I have left messages on the Mississippi Parole boards answering machine.

    This guy obviously has something mentally wrong with his brain, and until they can prove 100% that that ability to think/do this crime is gone, we should NOT be allowing this man out of prison. I don't know what was going on in the parole boards mind. Can anyone understand this?
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    Re: Murderer/Rapist allowed to be on parole.

    name of thread must be same as article, word for word

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    How the hell did you just tie in a retroactive reparative measure with a proactive preventative measure. Not even close to being the same thing.

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