All police recalled from leave to police the potential riots ...

Anti-globalisation activists are plotting a mass demonstration against bankers in the heart of the City of London, it was revealed today.
Police are on full alert ahead of the protest, planned for 1 April - the day world leaders arrive in the capital for the G20 summit.

Thousands of demonstrators, including anarchists and anti-aviation activists, are planning a series of protests, aiming to capitalise on disenchantment with City financiers who are blamed for dragging the economy into recession.
The event, dubbed 'Financial Fools Day', is likely to cause mass disruption as demonstrators try to block traffic and buildings by lying in tents and sleeping bags across the road.

One source suggested the protest would include a 'spectacular action'.
Organisers said on the Climate Camp website: 'Join us for camping, workshops, protest, positive alternatives, direct action and community.
'We need to stop this foolishness... Bring a pop-up tent if you have one, sleeping bag, wind turbine, mobile cinema, extra shoes, action plans and ideas... Let's imagine another world.'
Anarchists plan City demo for day G20 leaders arrive in London | Mail Online

Well, i'm off to the protests anyway.
Haha, on more interesting news - Anyone see Brown get owned by the MEP?