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I'm not saying that nothing remotely like this happens, but what I am saying is that I bet there are a lot more things going on behind the scenes that either you or the people you heard this from are not privy to.
That is quite possible, I can concede this point.

No, they can't. You're just plain wrong, as indicated numerous times in this thread.
Understandable, but what authorities can't do versus what they do is a matter of which judge allows wiggle room.

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And there were other sources involved. Everyone keeps on talking like the government was just walking down the street, imaging houses. That's not at all what happened:

And the court STILL held that it wasn't permissible.
If there were credible sources, it's a totally different story, still, the thermal imaging is overkill if a warrant has to be issued, at least in my opinion.

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Back in the 80's a pot growing opertion got discovered in Idaho, based on utility bills only. It made the Idaho Falls Post Register newspaper....
Electric Utility contacted the owner and said that his bills are 10 times normal, owner says he rented the place out to a young couple but he would check into it....
Long story short, a hydroponic pot farm was growing in the basement....
I don't think a warrant was needed....
A property owner retains right of search I believe and could grant authorities entrance, if that's the case, it's "plain view" and that'll hold up easily in court.