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Thread: EU President: Stimulus will drag us down to Hell!

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    EU President: Stimulus will drag us down to Hell!

    Well done, Mr Topolánek well done.
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    Re: EU President: Stimulus will drag us down to Hell!

    Title is slightly incorrect.

    He aint the EU president per say as his coalition government has fallen, thanks to people in his own party voting against him in a vote of no confidence. Plus there is no one EU president per say. In fact the closest you can call for an EU president is the head of state, and that he is not. The Czech President is head of the state for the Czech Republic.

    Plus the crux of what he said was that the combination of the stimulus plan and all the other things the Obama and Bush administrations have put in place will drag us down to hell.

    He is just grandstanding since his political carrier is effectively over in the short run and probably in the long run too. And considering he is as right wing as you can get in main stream European politics then it is no wonder he has such views. He is after all a man that called for a "night of long knives" against the opposition if he got elected.. a poor choice of words to say the least.

    He is of course also a very big pro Bush man, so that in turn explains everything.

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