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Thread: Feinstein: "Don't Spoil Our Desert With Solar Panels"??

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    Re: Feinstein: "Don't Spoil Our Desert With Solar Panels"??

    Quote Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
    From what I've read about solar or wind power generating systems,all of them are secondary power systems.This is something that most people know.

    We supposedly have more oil in the U.S. then in Saudi Arabia,just the environmentalist don't want us to use it.

    Nuclear power is by far our best and cleanest form of practical power for the dollar,but the environmentalist don't like that either.

    You could kill 50 million people and the environmentalist would not have a problem with this.But tear up 2 or 3 square miles of land and the plants and the animals living there, and God forbid they would scream bloody murder.

    We need to be free of oil dependency from foreign governments,and this is easily obtainable ,except for the environmentalist and the Department of Energy which has done almost 0 in their job scope to make us less dependent on foreign oil,except waste billions of dollars every year.

    Common sense would dictate that wind and solar won't work,you need to do something else,this isn't rocket science.

    My point is make this a National Security issue and tell the environmentalist to piss off.
    Solar WILL work.

    PolitiFact | Al Gore is optimistic about solar energy, and pretty accurate, too

    Whether on the moon, suspended in orbit or in the desert.

    It will work.

    And in the desert the only thing needed is the land. What would remain to do would be to apply existing hardware, manpower & technology to get it done.

    Solar panels in the desert + 100 miles on a side = 100% of America's electrical needs.
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