Good for the Swiss.
The last I knew they were a sovereign nation.

That they are taking on the EU Tax Nazi's and calling them such is good.
They're acting like the Brown Shirts.

Who do these people think they are telling a sovereign nation how to run their affairs?
As they have for eons?

The Swiss give in to these morons and it's over for them.

Steinbrueck Nazi Comparison by Swiss ?Surprises? Germany -

The German Finance Ministry is “surprised” at a Swiss politician comparing Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck to Nazis after he criticized Switzerland’s banking secrecy laws, spokesman Torsten Albig said in Berlin.

Thomas Mueller, a Swiss lawmaker from the canton of St. Gallen, said today during a debate in the lower house of parliament in Bern that Steinbrueck’s criticism reminded him of the generation of Germans “who walked the streets in leather coats, boots and armbands 60 years ago”...