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Thread: Fritzl pleads guilty to all charges

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    Fritzl pleads guilty to all charges

    Initially this pig did not plead guilty to charges involving the death of one of the children he fathered with his daughter. He just changed his pleas to guilty for all crimes he has been charged with.

    Have people been keeping up with this story? It is HORRIFIC! He began molesting his daughter when she was 11 years old. He subsequently locked her up in a dungeon in the basement of his house for more than 20 years. He raped her numerous times, fathered 8 children, refused to get medical treatment for one of the kids they had and the baby died and he burned the body in an oven, turned off the power to punish her for days at a time, raped her in front of their children. WHAT THE F IS THIS? What kind of monster does this?

    I don't know anything about the jails in Austria, but I hope he gets sodomized in the most brutal way.

    Dungeon trial: Fritzl pleads guilty to all charges -
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