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Thread: US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses

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    Re: US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by azura28 View Post
    They're not idiots but of course they think we are. The dems are now asking AIG to GIVE the bonuses back. Oh really? Other Republicans said Democratic leaders last month killed a plan that would have forced financial institutions to compensate taxpayers if they paid their executives large bonuses after receiving federal bailout money.

    Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, a co-sponsor of the amendment to Obama's stimulus bill, said striking it "left open an escape hatch of golden parachutes for top executives on Wall Street."

    Why are we just hearing about this now?!
    Ask those that hold the majorities... the gavel.
    Heeeeeeere's Pelosi:
    “And when you win the election, you win the majority, and what is the power of the speaker? To set the agenda, the power of recognition, and I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.”
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    Re: US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernDemocrat View Post
    Which is why companies should be nationalized and then sold off once the market recovers rather than handed hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.
    I was against the bailouts to begin with from both administrations, but there is never a good reason for the United States government to nationalize(which is just a cute word for socialize) a private company. AIG should have been forced into reorganization and should have been split into their subsidiary companies.

    Companies should be scared to death of being nationalized if they are in this position. That creates an incentive against this kind of incompetence. As it is, we have only created a huge moral hazard for these derivatives traders.
    Oh, I agree they should be scared to death of nationalization, but for reasons beyond "they got themselves in this position", their incompetance should have been rewarded with bankruptcy, but the government bailed them out, and now we have more incompetance. It's Washington's fault, why reward them with ownership of a private company?
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    Re: US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
    This should chill a few companies.
    It should also help tank AIG of talent.
    I wouldn't want to work there with jerk offs like Schumer baiting and switching.
    Painting employees there as Satan.

    We need some CEO's to testify before the Senate and TAKE THESE MARXISTS ON.

    The creators of this mess.

    Don't sit and take the crap.

    US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses | Currencies | Reuters
    Schumer is a major moron. Imagine telling a tax payer that because you don't think he deserved the bonus his company paid him/her, the Government is going to TAX you 100%.

    These freaks are running the asylum; I hope Americans enjoy reaping what they are now sowing. The Congress, Senate and White House now infested with small minded intellectual midgets who are clueless about how the REAL world works.

    You just can't make this crapola up people.

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    Re: US Sen. Schumer threatens huge tax on AIG bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by TOJ View Post
    Believe whatever you like. I don't believe that source is the final arbiter on this subject.
    Never said it was. If you have any contrary information you'd like to share, I'm all ears.

    Maybe I'm innocent in thinking that this could be a place where people actually share knowledge and facts instead of mere opinions.

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