More absurdity coming from the thugs in Beiping.

Li Gao, China's chief climate negotiator, said that any fair international agreement to curb the gases blamed for global warming would not require China to reduce emissions caused by goods manufactured there to meet demand elsewhere.

China has surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. But 15 to 25 percent of its emissions are generated by manufacturing goods for export, Li said.

"As one of the developing countries, we are at the low end of the production line for the global economy. We produce products and these products are consumed by other countries. ... This share of emissions should be taken by the consumers, but not the producers," Li said during a briefing at the Capitol's visitor center.
Sorry, but it is the Chinese themselves who have embarked on an economic strategy of recklessly focusing on exporting cheap low-end goods with some of the dirtiest electricity on the planet. Why should the developed world be responsible for this choice by the Chinese? It should be incumbent upon them to choose to use cleaner sources of energy just as developed countries should (and in some cases have).