SINGAPORE (AFP) The Singapore government is taking legal action against another editor at The Wall Street Journal over articles allegedly casting doubt on the judiciary's integrity, a report said Friday.
Published in June and July last year, the articles involved two editorials and a letter by Singapore pro-democracy activist Chee Soon Juan in The Wall Street Journal Asia.

A spokesman for the Dow Jones Publishing Company (Asia) Inc, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal Asia, declined to comment when contacted by AFP.

Singapore's High Court in November found the company to be in contempt of court over the articles and it was fined more than 16,000 US dollars.
Singapore is definately NOT a democracy and certainly does NOT enjoy free press rights that Americans, many Europeans and those here in Taiwan are accustomed to.

Also, the WSJ Asia edition is published in Hong Kong, NOT Singapore - though of course it is distributed in the small city-state. Perhaps a former Taiwanese minister was correct in referring to Singapore as a little snot on the map.