Chinese exports plunged by more than a quarter in February from a year ago as the world's third-largest economy was hit by a drop in demand for its goods.

Exports dropped by 25.7% to $64.9bn (47.3bn) compared with the same month a year earlier, while imports fell by 24.1% to $60.1bn, figures showed.

The country's trade surplus stood at $4.8bn in February, compared with $39.1bn the month before.

The dramatic drop in exports came as a surprise to many analysts.

"This is clearly worse than expected. We were looking for a rise of 1.2%," said Robert Subbaraman at Nomura International.


So how the hell do you expect a rise of 1.2% based on the fact that demand is down so much and China's domestic economy, on which it is pretty much leaning on right now, isn't doing the greatest either? Seriously, that's complete idiocy to expect.