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Thread: Ten dead as Alabama gunman goes on rampage

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    Ten dead as Alabama gunman goes on rampage

    Ten people were killed in Alabama last night including the wife and child of a police officer after a gun massacre that brought back grim memories of atrocities in Columbine, Colorado, and Blacksburg, Virginia.

    Michael McLendon, 27, began the killing spree in Samson, a town of 2,000 in the southeast of the state, and continued it in nearby Geneva, killing members of his own family and attacking at least one victim along his journey on Highway 52.

    He began the day of bloodshed by burning down his mother's house in Kitson, near the Florida border, before moving to Samson where he killed his aunt, uncle and the grandparents who had helped bring him up. Officials have located the body of his mother, Lisa McLendon, inside her still burning house but have not been able to establish if he shot her first.
    Ten dead as Alabama gunman goes on rampage - Times Online

    How horrible, imagine someone snapping like that with a gun in their hands.

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    Re: Ten dead as Alabama gunman goes on rampage

    The ghost of Jack Kevorkian for President's Physician: 2016

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