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Thread: Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters

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    Educating the Ignorant
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    Re: Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters

    Quote Originally Posted by BulletWounD View Post
    Why do you type like this?
    Why can't you organize your sentences into paragraphs?
    Is this the result of a disorganized and psychotic mind?
    Yes, disliking Marxism and its march over The Constitution is something Marxists believe is psychotic.
    In other places they have gulags for people like me.
    In America we have the press doing the job if you get too big for your britches. Ask Joe the Plumber. Geraldine Ferraro. Rush Limbaugh.

    Leave Obama alone.
    I will... when he leaves me alone and starts treating us as adults who don't need or want his Mommy Dearest, It Takes a Village Idiot, Marxist plans for us.

    Your hate mongering isn't helping anybody.
    You need "helping"? LOL...
    Penicillin might work.
    If not, wait... Obama's government sanctioned HC system is on the way.

    If you see a problem get out there and fix it.
    Educating the ignorant masses is the only way this will get "fixed".
    Until then we'll have to swallow what the Cult of Obama and his Marxists shove down our throats.
    I hope they get to shove you so full of it you'll have no place left for shoving.

    May you receive the AIG Treatment.
    Without protection.

    Instead of sitting here ranting...
    Why not get involved in your community?
    How do you know I'm not and haven't?
    And hey... it's MY life.
    If you want to control other people's lives... now is your big chance...
    Join the Obamatrons in DC.

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    The Clintons are what happens...
    when you have NO MORAL COMPASS.

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    Re: Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters

    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    it doesn't. it does show however, which of the two arguments won.

    Game, Set, Match.
    Not Jefferson's.

    McCulloch v. Maryland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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