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Thread: 'Octomom bill' would limit embryo implants

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    Re: 'Octomom bill' would limit embryo implants

    Yeah I think the government having a private meeting with the medical community and explaining how they really don't want to regulate the situation but they will if the community doesn't start regulating itself would be the best scenario.
    And why does your tone suggest that you do not care about children?

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    Thumbs down Re: 'Octomom bill' would limit embryo implants

    Where were the safeguards to begin with? Was the in vitro paid for by state/federal assistance? If so, why? Limiting the number that can be implanted is not the answer if a woman with no husband and no income can get in vitro in the first place. Someone could still do 2 at a time until they had a dozen children. No, limiting is not the answer. I fail to understand why the hospital went ahead with the procedure with no husband, no insurance (private) and no income apparent. That is where everything fell through in the first place. Why did the medical facility not insist on complete and thorough information from this woman? We require it for adoption. Are children born through in vitro fertilization any less valuable? I think not. Thanks for letting me air my view. Kat

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