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The Houston Chronicle is one of the most Conservative papers in the United States, backed Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and was gung ho on the war in Iraq. They did back Obama in 2008, but mainly because McCain was anything but Conservative, and the Chronicle cites McCain's choice of inexperienced Palin as one of the primary reasons it would not endorse McCain. The Chronicle's endorsement of Obama was only the second time in a half century that they endorsed a Democrat.

Years ago, Houston had two papers, the Conservative Houston Chronicle and the Liberal Houston Post. Rupert Murdoch took over the Post, and although he kept its Liberal leaning, attempted to turn it into a tabloid format. Sales of the Post declined. Then the Chronicle bought the Post from Murdoch, and as soon as they gained possession of it, they shut it down, thus becoming the only major newspaper in Houston.

Why do I have the feeling that the only papers you don't regard as "Liberal rags" are the Moonie-owned Washington Times and World Nut Daily?
Roll another one! The Chronicle bought the Post one milli-second after the Post bellied up in the late 80's. Think about what you wrote, the Chronicle BACKED Obanana because McCain was "anything but conservative". Right, so they backed Obanana. Damn, that is worth framing. Nearly all papers supported the war in it's initial stages like the majority of democrats.