Here in the Houston-Galveston area, about half a year after the big storm that smacked us hard, there are still many small businesses and residences that have not recovered from Hurricane Ike, which devastated the area last year. Although the article stresses government help that is lacking here, I have a different opinion because I have worked with some of these people first hand. The company I work for has replaced some air conditioning systems which were destroyed by the storm, but the systems in some businesses are still not repaired or replaced. Why? Insurance companies are screwing the hell out of them. Here is an example - The owner of a convenience store I gave a proposal to needs $16,000.00 worth of repairs to the air conditioning, and also the roof, of his store. His insurance company only paid out $4,000.00. His problem was accepting the money instead of seeking a lawyer, which he is now doing. Also, his insurance company had low premiums, and guess what? You get what you pay for. Too many small business owners only look at the bottom line, and don't investigate their insurance companies before they purchase a policy. The problem? The government acting slowly is one of them, but that is dwarfed by the bigger problem - Small business owners only looking at the short term bottom line and not the bigger picture. In the end, that is what hurt them.

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