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I don't think anyone who was imprisoned for a significant portion of their life will ever really recover from that.
Maybe. I haven't seen the interviews with the exonerated to say much about that.

You say alive as if it's ALWAYS a good thing. For instance, in the case of an 18 year old going to prison untill they're a middle aged man/woman... what do you think they've got to look forward when they get out?
Freedom. Their family. How many people do you know would rather die then wait years to see their loved ones?

They WILL have been deeply mentally (and possibly physically) scarred, they will have no job experience that isnt frowned upon
That depends more on your state then anything. Some have training programs. Actually many do. You'd be surprised what inmates learn behind bars in training programs.

and regardless of the new life they will be given they will more than likely wind up in a criminal situation. If not because of their unfortunate inability to get steady employment (from no work experience and being HOW old) then possibly out of spite for our system.
See above.

Just sayin' as I have before, that I would rather be dead than falsely imprisoned for years.
So you'd rather die then serve years with knowledge you could see your family and live a free man?