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What I would likely do, would likely be sneaky, underhanded, unexpected, carefully planned, precisely executed, and leave no evidence.

Remember, we're assuming there is no law to speak of.

In International terms, between hostile nations, there might as well be no international law except that which an individual country or coalition of allies can impose by force. Most of the "international community" is long on talk and very very short on action.

They'll write you a great epitaph after your neighbor wipes you out though. They'll go on at length about how great you and the missus and kids were, and what a shame it is you're gone...but they won't do anything to Fred except lay a token "embargo" on him, and they won't admit half the reason you're gone is that they refused to take action and inhibited you from doing so.

They might go to war before your annilihated... then send all their troops the Maginot Line and chill. Good times