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Thread: Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union

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    Re: Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union

    Quote Originally Posted by American View Post
    Well obviously Danes hate popcorn since they refuse to buy microwaves.
    hahaha. Maybe!.. hmmm popcorn... now I am hungry.

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    Re: Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union

    [QUOTE=Maximus Zeebra;1057933040]
    Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post

    Communism is not just about the negative aspects of it. Perhaps you should do some research on communism..

    State planning is one good thing about communism. Long term planning that is, which is impossible in democracy and 4 year governance, where two opposing forces just grabs power from each other and reverse each others changes.
    This is utter foolishness.
    May I recommend the following:
    Free To Choose
    In honor of Milton Friedman, we are streaming the ground-breaking Free to Choose series as it originally aired in 1980 as well as an updated 1990 version. If you missed the PBS premiere of "The Power of Choice" it is available here.
    Long term planning?
    Yeah, wasn't it terrific what they did with their "long term planning"?
    Hey YOU! To the Potato fields or to Siberia.

    Do some research on these countries?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
    I've traveled these countries. I have lived in these countries... not for days, but months and years. I have good friends in these countries. They would either fall on the floor laughing if they heard this or be disgusted beyond belief, as I am.

    Communism is a scourge, and to believe there is any redeeming value in the system is beyond belief. Really. Communism is about the most disgusting thing you can do to a society.
    The Clintons are what happens...
    when you have NO MORAL COMPASS.

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