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Thread: Explosives haul missing in Gaza

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    Explosives haul missing in Gaza

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Explosives haul missing in Gaza

    Although not directly related to this particular case, the supposedly aid carrying ship dispatched from Iran to Gaza has been found to have not been carrying arms, it did however carry the ingredients for the manufacture of explosive devices.
    As that ship was impounded and then sent to Cyprus, this meant that Hamas was denied those ingredients.
    Hamas ran short of explosive materials by virtue of firing off rockets into Israel before, during and after the recent Israeli attempts to suppress these attacks.
    Seizing the stockpile of munitions from the UN will enable Hamas to manufacture more rockets as well as other explosive devices.
    I very much doubt that this material will ever be returned to UN.
    So where might this leave Hamas with respect to future relationship with the UN?
    Perhaps the UN might at long last realize that Hamas is a Terrorist organization and one that should not be supported by UN.
    But I have my doubts, there are always going to be those who sympathize with Hamas and it's aims and methods by which it hopes to achieve those aims.

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    Re: Explosives haul missing in Gaza

    I just read this and it would be very bad if Hamas or whichever militant group got this and used it to launch more attacks on Israel. I read before Hamas fired one WP artillery shell earlier in the offensive, and it would be devestating to learn that they have a stocked arsenal of it.

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