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Thread: Britons on trial over "airliner bomb plot"

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    Britons on trial over "airliner bomb plot"

    Britons on trial over "airliner bomb plot"

    Britons on trial over airliner bomb plot | International | Reuters

    LONDON (Reuters) - A gang of British Islamists plotted to cause deaths on an "almost unprecedented scale" by blowing up transatlantic airliners using bombs disguised in soft drink bottles, a London court heard on Tuesday.

    The eight men were almost ready to execute their plan to simultaneously bring down seven aircraft in mid-air as they flew from London to the United States and Canada when they were arrested, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

    "What these men intended to bring about was a violent and deadly statement of intent that would have truly global impact," prosecutor Peter Wright told jurors in the high security court.

    "It's the crown's case that these men were actively engaged in a most deadly plan designed to bring about what would have been, if they had been successful, a civilian death toll from an act of terrorism on an almost unprecedented scale."

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    Re: Britons on trial over "airliner bomb plot"

    See, the thing is that there are lots of things one can do with a few oz of liquid. Anyone with basic chemistry knowledge can make something that could, when mixed in proper ratios, take down a plane. That's why ultimately all the crap we go through on the airliners is just for show.

    But it's good they caught these people, the last thing we need is a call to genocide. And I fear that if these people were successful, the West would just be done ****ing around. There wouldn't be a "bring democracy" cry, it would just be a competition with the countries of the West to see who could turn more of the ME into glass than the others.
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