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Thread: The most important part of the stimulus bill: oversight

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    The most important part of the stimulus bill: oversight

    Late in the process, they remembered to create an oversight board to make sure no one steals or wastes the stimulus money. The board will get $84 million, so it will have actual teeth investigators, lawyers, accountants, the works. The board could potentially save a thousand times its operating costs in prevented waste and fraud.

    This is exactly what FDR did with Harry Truman during WWII. Truman headed an oversight committee to prevent fraud. He travelled all over the country, uncovering entire factories where no one was actually doing any work, and put crooks in jail. He saved around $15 billion in all, a tidy sum 70 years ago, in the waning days of a Depression. FDR and Truman were credited as the two men most responsible for winning the war.

    This is what Bush did not do in Iraq. Dozens of firms like Haliburton and Blackwater got no-bid contracts and no oversight. They stole billions, built facilities that are electrocuting our soldiers, and were running over Iraqi civilians with their Humvees without punishment. Now even military officers are being investigated for graft now that Obama and the grownups are in charge. 35 have already been convicted. One Army contracting officer stole $10 million. Another contracting offier committed suicide.

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    Re: The most important part of the stimulus bill: oversight

    How strange, you actually expect any Politician to want or even to exercise oversight of Taxpayer funds?
    Strange people!

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