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Thread: Exxon 2008 profit: A record $45 billion

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    Re: Exxon 2008 profit: A record $45 billion

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney View Post
    Only a money whore harry,...only a money whore thinks that way.
    If thats the case where the hell is the money? I've been tossing through everything here and I haven't found a dime.

    Quote Originally Posted by sazerac
    They made $45 billion in profit. That doesn't tell us much. What was their profit margin? Would you be outraged if you knew it was about 10 percent? The biggest corporation earns the most profits. Imagine that!

    Microsoft earns about 35 percent profit. There is nothing particularly profitable about selling gas.

    I'm glad somebody is making money for all the retirees who invested.

    3 months from now there will be more articles about Exxon reporting a record profit, and then 3 months after that.
    As of February 2008 their profit margin is 7.6%. Considering all of corporation except manufacturing that is low.

    Exxon's Profits: Measuring a Record Windfall - US News and World Report

    (Edited Portion)
    On Yahoo Finance it says Exxon's profit margin is 9.47%. I guess I'll go with Yahoo at the moment until I find something saying the profit margin related to this reported quarter.

    XOM: Key Statistics for EXXON MOBIL CP - Yahoo! Finance
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