President Obama to water down 'Buy American' plan after EU trade war threat - Times Online

Quote from articleUnder the “Buy American” clause passed by the US House of Representatives, American iron and steel must be used in construction projects that form part of the recovery plan. The US Senate wants to extend the scope of the clause before the Bill goes to the White House for approval.)

It is to be hoped that the Senate does NOT include any clause that remotely hints of protectionism, however should they include some such clause, I pray for all our sakes that Obama refuses to sign it into law.

Protectionism lengthened the Depression during the 1930s, that Depression only ended once WW11 started.

Quote from article“Open markets remain the essential precondition for a rapid recovery from the crisis, and history has shown us where measures taken contrary to this principle can lead us.”)

It would seem that there are some voices in the US who simply fail to understand the above.
I blame this lack of understanding on the abysmal state of the educational system within the US.