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Thread: California goes broke, halts $3.5 billion in payments

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    Re: California goes broke, halts $3.5 billion in payments

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtpoorchris View Post
    I think it happened in the 80's when I lived in CA. All state recipients (workers) got a letter from the state saying "Please do not kick this person out of their home as they will pay their bills later when the state pays them." Along with utilities and crap.
    Good lord.

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    Re: California goes broke, halts $3.5 billion in payments

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenboy219 View Post
    Not once did i state that a lack of SEP's causes a 5%+ increase in the spread. If you can find where I did, then you have my apology. I only asked you politely if you would supply the other half of the data required to truly engage in this debate.
    Again, I'm not the one trying to prove anything.

    Your failure to do so illustrates you are not inclined to have a debate on the topic at hand, and are more concerned with ganging up with your fellow republican boyfriend because someone showed that your opinions and facts do not line up accordingly.
    Jallman is NOT my boyfriend, he is my BFF.

    You are implying that NEP's do not reduce the spread of HIV, under a falsified assumption.
    Where did I imply that? I stated that that study had an obvious glaring flaw.

    Again, the fact that you took a 200 lvl math class and have a conservative opinion does not constitute the study insufficient. If you are going to put your foot in your mouth by claiming false, then do so in its entirety.

    Who the **** are you to tell me my views on government have "no bearing"? Enacting a NHS and preventing a spreadable disease are completely two different topics without even considering their respective reach. It is not of my own self interest to pay for someone else's health care, but it is of my self interest to want to see the spread of HIV decrease. Reason be, i like to get pussy, and condom's are only 99% effective against the spread.
    Forget a "200 level statistics" class, you should take a 6th grade health class. You're actually worried about getting aids from having sex with a condom?

    HIV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The odds of getting HIV from UNPROTECTED penile-vaginal intercourse with someone who IS infected is 1/2000. Now, even assuming that you exclusively have sex with AIDS infested needle sharers, using your 99% statistic, that means that the odds of you getting HIV while using a condom are one in 200,000.

    Talk about misplaced priorities.

    No, that is what you are trying to make it out to be, but in reality that cannot be any farther from the truth. Your grasping at straws big time.
    Right. You hate government spending when it goes towards things you don't want, but like it when it goes towards things that you do want, albeit completely irrationally.
    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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