BBC NEWS | Americas | Report shows wasted Iraq spending

Once we let the various politicians loose with our (Taxpayer) money, they seem not to care how or indeed where it is spent.
Thus the problem as I see it is with the US electorate, who simply do not seem to care whom they elect to office.
Oh for someone, anyone, to 'change' the system.
To make a mistake once is regrettable, but to make the same mistake twice is troubling.
I fear that with Obama, (who cannot be blamed for the errors of the Bush Administration) however well intentioned he may have been on the campaign trail, the reality of being President will sink his ideals along with whatever wealth the US still has or can beg, borrow or steal.
The infrastructure of the US is at present falling apart, rather than spend any more on Iraq or Afghanistan, perhaps it should be spent on and in the USA.