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Thread: Phelps apologizes for 'bad judgment' after marijuana photo

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    Re: Phelps apologizes for 'bad judgment' after marijuana photo

    this is not news, it is a distraction
    apologies for teh bad sepeeling

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    Re: Phelps apologizes for 'bad judgment' after marijuana photo

    Kellogg's Stock Takes Big Hit After Phelps Bong Controversy | Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)
    As the chart shows, the company's stock took an immediate dive following its decision to drop Michael Phelps over the infamous bong hit photo. What began as a coordinated boycott by drug reform organizations quickly escalated into a full-blown media frenzy as major news outlets picked up the story. Pot-friendly websites like began directing massive traffic to news coverage that was critical of Kellogg's anti-marijuana posturing, thereby increasing the campaign's visibility among likely supporters.

    Mission accomplished.

    Now all Kellogg's has to do is make a cereal specifically to cater to stoners and take Phelps back. I garentee you will see it pass all other cereal.

    Little weed leaf shaped flakes called "Munchy Crunch" with a zoomed out looking-down view of Phelps swimming in first on the front. And Phelps head would have to be blown up in size to bighead mode status with a big smile to the camera as he turns his head to breath.
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