Well I halfway agree on this issue. On some of the packaged foods we all enjoy, sodium is a "hidden" problem, as people worry more about calories or fat, or carbs. While sodium intake doesn't necessarily lead to weight gain, if overconsumed(like anything else) it is unhealthy and can have negative affects on the cardiovascular system. Its why I shake my head at people who use the Atkins diet, and consume mass amounts of bacon and eggs, and pour salt on all their food, but think they are doing something healthy because they cut out carbs. Sodium is equally dangerous, IMO.

However, the FDA regulates this already and to the point its safe to consume these foods. Thats all they can realistically do, IMO. At some point, people have to be responsible for themselves, otherwise we'll just keep legislating taste and choice right out the window. The problem is people consume too much bad food, which usually contains high amounts of either sugar or sodium.