BBC NEWS | UK | Minister attacks banking bosses
At long last someone with some semblance of authority has the guts to blame those who are responsible for the mess within the Financial world that we find ourselves.
Even though Lord Myners is stating a private opinion he is merely uttering what is an obvious fact.
By the creation of esoteric schemes and then rewarding themselves for the creation and sales of these schemes these Bankers throughout not only the UK but also throughout the entire World have done more damage than anyone else.
It is perfectly true that some form of regulation has also been missing.
Strange how these schemes are always applauded by Governments who quite obviously do not have a clue about what is being done while these schemes are ongoing, yet are the first to start throwing stones once the sh*t hits the fan.
I would have thought that at the very least the Governments would be extracting the largess given these Bankers, instead it appears that they are rewarding them with Pay rises and Bonus's while undoing that which (Bankers) created in the first place.