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Obama flashes irritation in press room - Jonathan Martin and Carrie Budoff Brown - Politico.com

I guess he expected cheering.

No, you can't just come visit without having substantive questions being asked... Welcome to the presidency Mr. President.

There are a lot of questions people want answered... now... not when you feel like it. Expect the unexpected.

The election illustrated this guy isn't very good on his feet. This is simply further evidence.
While I have a general problem with the press trying to grill the President outside of a press conference, be it Obama or Bush, it IS good to see the Press actually acting like...well....the Press and actually legitimate, tough questions. They had NO qualms doing this at any time with Bush and liberals had NO qualms with saying "damn skippy" in agreement with them doing it to Bush.

While the time may've been in appropriate, its not unusual in the scope of what's gone on with the press the past 8 years, and the question is completely appropriate.