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Thread: Obama closing Guantanamo as he reshapes US policy

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    Re: Obama closing Guantanamo as he reshapes US policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend_Hellh0und View Post
    Where to be putting the prisoners please...
    A ditch works for me....

    but for those who have a weak heart
    how about we send them to France?

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    Re: Obama closing Guantanamo as he reshapes US policy

    Quote Originally Posted by AuHtwoh64 View Post
    Obama closing Guantanamo as he reshapes US policy - Yahoo! News
    By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writer – 12:30 E.T.

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama moved quickly to undo a contentious Bush administration national security program Thursday, ordering Guantanamo closed within a year and welcoming Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to help forge a new foreign policy strategy.

    What will not be reported about this Presidential Exec Order is the exchange which took place when Obama was asked about the disposition of the present detainees (a seemingly very important detail) :

    (- At this point Obama turns to White House Attorney Gregg Craig -)

    Obama: By the way Gregg will there be a separate executive order with respect to how we are going to dispose of the detainees? Is that? Is that….. (muffled)

    Gregg Craig: “A separate process….”
    Obama: “We will be a setting up a process by whereby this will be taking place”

    And that's pretty much how the whole thing went; With the President turning to Gregg Craig to fill him in those and other details, and then Obama repeating verbatim Craig's words. It's amazing how questions like this seem to have to be explained to the primary actor, the president. There's more; consult your C-SPAN video library for a replay a little later.

    It reminds me a lot of the Governor in Blazing Saddles, whose chief of staff was bringing him a constant flow of documents to sign, and having to ask what they were all about.

    Just a quibble, I guess...

    But how can this be characterized as changing or undoing Bush's policy?

    Obama is merely extending Bush's policy for 12 months. Sure, he's promising to do something in 12 months, but as we have seen over the last year, his promises are not worth the air exhaled as he makes such declarations (FISA, public campaign finance, immediate Iraq withdrawal, lobbyists, play a new game with new people, etc., etc.).

    I love how the media cntinues characterizing Obama's extension's of Bush policies as change...

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