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Thread: Supreme Court strikes down Internet censorship law

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    Re: Supreme Court strikes down Internet censorship law

    Quote Originally Posted by American View Post
    More or less, but I still feel somewhat responsible.
    For what? He's a guy, the only problem with porn is it is bad for imagination.
    "It is written in the eternal constitution that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters." - Edmund Burke

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    Re: Supreme Court strikes down Internet censorship law

    Quote Originally Posted by TheNextEra View Post
    So then you have no problem whatsoever with Playboy, Penthouse, and any other magazines that depict porn, being on open racks in grocery stores and any other store where children can see it or pick it up? After all, it is the parents job to Nanny their children and make sure they are there wherever the child is correct? Why censor the stores when it is the parents responsibility to supervise their child?

    This ruling is a double edged sword. On one hand, I am glad because this ruling could lead to further censorship on other things later down the road. On the other hand, open porn is RAMPANT on the internet and many times hidden in the most innocent looking places. Even with Parental supervision, porn can pop up almost anywhere with just the wrong letter in a web address.

    Overall, I am more happy with this ruling, but I can understand the oppositions view as well.
    Absolutely not. We should not hide them. Its rediculous and the only reason sex and porn are such a big deal is because they are taboo. Same goes for drugs, drinking, and a whole host of other things that evangelicals hate. Let's be honest, this isn't a Republican or Conservative issue, it is a Catholic/Evangelical issue. The decision was the right one.
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